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Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

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Must I create an account with with the Online Store if I want to order an item from the store?

Yes. In order to buy any item in this store, you must create an account with LT’s inc. Online Store. 

How do I order more than one of a particular item in the LT's inc. Online Store? For example, What if I want to order 10 Chestnut Hill Double-Wash Twill Caps?

First, you would go to the page in LT’s inc. Online Store with the Chestnut Hill Double-Wash Twill Cap; choose your options for the cap; then click the upward arrow to the right of the number in the field box. It’s really simple. Then click the Add To Cart button.

Once I add items to my LT's inc. Online Store shopping cart, can I remove the item?

Yes. Just go to your cart and click the small X next to the image of the item you want to remove.

Is it safe to use my credit card on your LT's inc. Online Store shopping cart?

Yes! Absolutely! Today many millions of credit card transactions take place every day without a problem. At any LT’s inc. Online Store we use secure encryption(https), which means a very high level of security when processing your credit card. We have chosen as our online CC processing partner More than 142,000 merchants trust to manage their transactions, minimize risk from fraud and help grow their business.

What is a "personalization"?

A “personalization” is the text that is embroidered or screen-printed on a product that you purchase at LT’s inc. Online Store.

What is the charge for a personalization?
The fee for a personalization is based on the number characters in your text and what technique(screenprinting or embroidery) we use to place the personalization on the product(s) you have purchased. Currently we charge $5.00 per personalization.
Is there a way to view my order history?

Yes, absolutely! Log in to your account via the My Account link on our menu. Once into your account you’ll have many options available including your order history.

What are your shipping charges?

We do all our shipping via UPS. All our shipping costs are based on the weight of the items in your shopping cart.

Can I pick up my items at your shop if I order in the online store?

Absolutely. At checkout, you have an option to pick up your items at the store so you can avoid shipping charges

Do you share any customer information with any person or company outside of LT's inc. Online Store?

Never! All customer information remains in-house.